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We have over 38 years experience in the Finance industry and can offer independent financial advice, customised to your needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with each individual buyer to meet their needs, whatever they are, in the most cost effective way.

If you are a business as opposed to an individual, our range of finance products can help you build assets and grow that business. Asset finance spreads the impact of large purchases because it lets you make payments over time. It’s an ideal way to buy things like:

  • Cars, commercial vehicles, buses and coaches
  • Earth moving equipment and mobile plant
  • Production machinery and engineering equipment
  • Specialist Equipment products & services

You can choose from several flexible, cost effective ways of doing this:

Hire Purchase

The most common method of financing, where an individual or a business can pay by instalments. We can offer either a fixed rate or a variable rate option. You will own the assets once the agreement has been completed and the option to purchase fee has been paid.

Finance Lease

This is where a finance company buys an asset and retains ownership while you have full use of that asset for an agreed period.

Asset Hire

A form of leasing which may qualify as an operating lease for business customers. The value of the asset at the end of the agreement is taken into account in the rentals and reduces the cash flow needed. At the end of the agreement the asset is returned.

You also have a choice of repayment options to suit your financial requirements:

Balloon Rentals - allow you to maintain lower repayments during the term of your agreement, deferring a portion of the final balance until the end of the agreement.

Stage Payments - a series of payments are made to the supplier before you take delivery of your goods.

Tailored Rentals - individually tailored rental solutions to improve your cash flow.

VAT Deferral

When making a large investment in machinery or equipment for your business, VAT can be a significant cost. VAT in addition to an advance rental or deposit payment can create pressure on your cash flow. We can help by financing the value of the VAT until it is reclaimed.

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